Sports Helpers

Bethany Dunn

Bethany worked as a volunteer at Ainsty and now helps coach gymnastics at Huntington

Nick Devereux


Level 1 UK Gymnastics Coach


Nick coaches the children at Energi, in our Monday GymPacT sessions.

Emily Greenaway

Emily has worked as a Volunteer at Ainsty since May 2017, helping with the gymnastics classes at Huntington. In April 2018, Emily became a Sports Helper, continuing to coach the children at Huntington. Emily is a competative trampolinist and is a valuable addition to our team.


Niamh Heron

Niamh has worked as a Volunteer at Ainsty since May 2017, helping with the gymnastics classes at Huntington. In April 2018, Niamh became a Sports Helper, coaching the children at Vale of York.

Keira Rogers

Keira has worked as a Volunteer at Ainsty since September 2017, helping with the trampoline classes at Millthorpe and then Energise. In June 2018, Keira became a Sports Helper, coaching trampoline to the children at Archbishop Holgates.

She is currently coaching gymnastics at Vale of York


Katie Loach

Katie has been a Volunteer at Ainsty for the past 3 years. She has experience in all the club activities, but feels most confident coaching gymnastics, GymPacT and PlayGym.


Robyn Darwin

Robyn has worked through our Volunteer Programme, helping with our trampoline classes at Energise. In January 2019, Robyn successfully applied to become  a Sports Helper.

Jess Pilley

Jess workied as a Sports Helper for Ainsty in 2016 to 2017. Having taken time off for exams, Jess has returned to the Ainsty Team, to further develop her coaching skills.

Emilly Sturdy

Emily is an experienced gymnast and has a great rappour with the children she helps.

She really wants to help children achieve their goals. Emily coaches at Huntington

Matylda Jarmal

Matylda is an experienced trampolinist who has made the move from Volunteer to Sports Helper. She coaches on a Tuesday at Energise.

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