Other Policies


Any information given to A.G.T.C will be confidential and only shared with relevant staff within the club.

All staff will abide with this policy and not share any information about your child with other people.



A.G.T.C strives to ensure that all individuals are equally valued and everyone treats each other with respect. People will not be discriminated against because of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, faith, culture or family background and social status.

A.G.T.C will not except any discrimination towards others and actions of this nature will be dealt with very seriously. The person responsible may be asked not to return to the club.

Disability and Special Needs

We currently have members with a number of individual needs and aim to work with parents to include as many children as we can. Unfortunately due to limitations with equipment we are not able to cater for some needs. Please come in or contact the manager to talk about your child. If we are not able to cater for your child’s needs we may be able to recommend some clubs that might be able to help you.

Personal Harassment Policy for Staff, Gymnasts and Parents

Everyone has the right to attend the club/ work without the fear of harassment or abuse on the grounds of gender, race or colour, mental or physical disability, learning ability, age, religious or political beliefs.

Harassment may include:

  • Physical contact from touching or assault

  • Verbal or written harassment. Offensive language, gossip, comments of a discriminatory manner

  • Intimidating behaviour towards children, parents or staff.

    If anyone is found to act in a way that contravenes any of the above, they will be asked to leave the club, with no refund of fees.

Club sites

York Steiner School, York

Archbishop Holgates School, York

Energi Trampoline Park, York

Scarcroft Primary School, York

Huntington School, York

Vale of York Academy, York

Energise Leisure Centre, York

The Mount School, York

Wetherby High School, Leeds


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