Parkour is rooted in the mindset of self-improvement and functionality. Through physical practice, a traceur develops his/herself to be able to move fluidly through any given environment; learning and applying a multitude of different techniques, overcoming mental challenge and discovering one's own vast potential.  


Parkour incorporates training of the touch: 

  •  Running, jumping, vaulting, climbing etc. 

 Training of strength: 

  •  Physical conditioning, mobility work, flexibility etc. 

And training of the spirit : 

  • Managing fear, environmental awareness, humility, comradery etc.  


Overall, a Parkour lifestyle encourages an individual to embrace challenge, explore both the inner and outer world and develop into a healthy and functional human being.


York Steiner School


South Bank

Scarcroft Primary School



Huntington School


Hull Road Area

Archbishop Holgates


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Take a look at a Short Film made by one of our Parkour students and his friend.


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York Steiner School, York

Archbishop Holgates School, York

Energi Trampoline Park, York

Scarcroft Primary School, York

Huntington School, York

Vale of York Academy, York

Energise Leisure Centre, York

The Mount School, York

Wetherby High School, Leeds


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