PlayGym at Point Zero Trampoline Park

Little Rollers will not be able to go into the main arena. So sessions will be 45 minutes

6 months to walking.

A class with parent involvement, which is designed to help babies use all their senses through play, without any pressure, in a fun and relaxed environment. Parents will take the children around the equipment while the Little Jumpers and Little Hoppers are being taught. £5 for 45 minutes.   Please note if you are considering joining this class please phone 01904737563 to discuss with Deb.

Little Crawlers

Walking to 2 years.

A class with a lot of parent involvement. Now that your child is walking this class is designed to use and develop their motor skills, coordination and balance through play and using the gymnastics equipment. Parents will support their child on the equipment while the Little Jumpers and Little Hoppers are having their class. £7.50 for 1 hour

Little Jumpers

2 years to 3 years.

At this stage your child should be moving around very confidently. This class, again, is with a parent and they will move around the different activities which are more demanding and challenging but still within their ability, based around fun but beginning to develop the gymnastic skills. £7.50 for 1 hour

Little Hoppers

3 years to School.

In this class children will do most of this class themselves with some parental support if needed.  Staff will help guide the children on the  equipment to further develop there balance, coordination, sense of achievement and motor skills. Little Hoppers will get a priority place in the Reception Class in September at our gymnastics sites.

Please note all age groups work together at the same time but they are given different activities to do on the equipment setup that is available. £7.50 for 1 hour 


Sign up for a 1 week trial. The class fee plus 50p insurance.

Come Join PlayGym at Point Zero! 

Currently we have no classes running but we hope to start soon!

Little Rollers

  • 11.00am-11.45am Wed 
  • 12.00pm-12.45pm Wed
  • 13.00pm- 13.45pm Wed

Little Jumpers

  • 11.00am-12.00pm Wed 
  • 12.00pm-13.00pm Wed
  • 13.00pm- 14.00pm Wed

Little Crawlers

  • 11.00am-12.00pm Wed 
  • 12.00pm-13.00pm Wed
  • 13.00pm- 14.00pm Wed

Little Hoppers

  • 11.00am-12.00pm Wed 
  • 12.00pm-13.00pm Wed
  • 13.00pm- 14.00pm Wed

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We offer Gymnastics, Trampoline, GymPacT, Acro/Tumbling and boys only classes.  If you have a child who is interested in any of these recreational activities and want to learn new skills, why not join us today?


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