Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a trial before I start?

We appreciate that when children start something new they may not enjoy the experience. We do not offer trials but we ask that you join for the half term and if you decide to cancel, before the 2nd or 3rd session of your booking, you will receive a refund for the remaining classes and the annual fee.

What do I need to know before my child starts?

Before signing up we ask you read all our policies and procedures. However, you will find all you need to know, as a new starter, by clicking this button.

How will my children be assessed?

Whether doing Gymnastics, Trampoline or GymPacT, children are continually assessed by their coaches. Badges are then awarded when children have achieved an assessed level. There is no set time for this, as children achieve at different times and at their own pace. You can ask any coach how your child is doing and see the assessment sheet. If your child earns a badge you will be given a badge slip. When returned, with payment, the coaches will present the badge in class.

What should I do if the class I want is full?

We have always tried to avoid having a long waiting list , as children lose interest very quickly. If the class you want is full, we ask that you put your name on the waiting list. When a space becomes available we send a message to everyone on the waiting list for that class and the place is given on a first come, first served basis. May we suggest that you have phone alerts for our email notifications so you don't miss the emails! If we have big waiting lists then we try to increase the number of children in the classes by allocating more coaches.

What level are the classes?

All the classes, for Gymnastics, are age related. There are 24 children maximum with 3 coaches plus a Senior Coach. Within the class, children will be broadly grouped by ability. This allows beginners can be taught in any class, along with more able children. For the more advanced we have Development Classes, and if you would like your child to progress from the Recreational Class then please ask your child's coach.

In Trampoline, the classes have 4 children to 1 coach and 1 bed, with a higher level coach overseeing the session. Children are taught 1 : 1, so all abilities can be progressed at their own level.

Do you accept Child Care vouchers?

We are not registered with OFSTED, therefore we cannot accept Child Care Vouchers.

When do children move up classes and how do I renew my place at the end of the half term?

In Gymnastics, Parkour and GymPacT, children should be in classes according to their school age. We will move children up in September and automatically offer every child a place, either, remaining in the class they are in, or moving them up to the next class.

We automatically renew a child's place at the end of a half term. We send out invoices 2 weeks before the end of the half term, but if you are not continuing, we ask that you tell us ASAP so that we are not left with empty spaces. You must pay your invoice before your last class of the half term.

Can I watch my child?

Our policy states that parents cannot stay in the hall. At the end of every half term parents are invited in to see the stretches and the apparatus sections of the sessions.

Some sites have viewing areas so you can watch your child from there.


Why are some coaches using mobile phones in the class?

The class registers, children’s information & medical needs, lesson plans, Health & Safety Assessment forms and club video resources are all web-based and so are accessed, by the coaches, through their phones. The phones are also used to play music and as a timer to ensure that all lessons run correctly, allowing children the correct amount of time on each apparatus.

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