Codes of Conduct

Please read the following information carefully and ensure that you and your child are aware of the high expectations of behaviour at Ainsty GTC and the importance we place on the safety and care of everyone.


On arrival children need to go to their appropriate changing room for gymnastics or trampoline. The start time of classes is staggered by 15 minutes, with gymnastics first. The pupils should be registered quickly by the warm up coach and then taken to the warm up area. If they are trying to do the register and there is too much noise, they will be firm and insist on quiet.

The warm up is 10 minutes and includes a pulse raiser and some stretching. During the main coaching activity additional stretching may be done by the coaches. The warm up coach hands the children to the gymnastics coach and then goes to the changing room to register the children doing trampoline. After 10 minutes warm up the children are handed to the trampoline coach. The warm up coach then has 25 minutes before the next class to support with the activities (as directed by the head coach) to be an extra pair of hands.




Child code of conduct

Coaches are asked to ensure they establish clear structures and boundaries in classes. Whether they are a sports helper or a coach they are in charge of the children and must ensure that they have high expectations with regards to behaviour.

Children should:

  • Arrive at the session on time and attend the warm up

  • Not wait in the hall whilst waiting for their class to start.

  • Attend the session with a good attitude and willingness to learn and take instruction from the coach.

  • Wear appropriate clothing- Leotards, shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms (not covering feet), no belt loops, belts or dangling decorations. T-shirts (not too baggy), socks only for trampoline. Long hair should be tied back and up so that it cannot touch the floor when upside down.
    NO CHEWING GUM OR FOOD, OR DRINKS IN THE HALL (there is a drinks fountain outside the hall if required). 

Non slip protective socks can be worn for gymnastics.

If earrings cannot be removed then micro-porous tape can be used to tape them up.

  • Inform the coach of any injuries or illness before taking part in the warm up.

  • Respect others within the A.G.T.C

  • Abide by the rules of the club.

  • Treat all equipment with respect.

  • Not use bad language towards other members, coaches or other adults within the club.




    Parent code of conduct


    It is important for parents/guardians/responsible adults to be respectful as well. They also have a code of conduct:

  • To complete all club registration information and keep details up to date.
  • To arrive at session on time.
  • Bring their child in good health to participate in the session.
  • Make sure their child is wearing appropriate clothing.
  • Encourage their child to learn the rules and abide by them.
  • Talk to staff about any concerns or complaints they have using the complaints procedure.
  • Endeavour to have a good relationship and communication with the club and coaches.
  • Not to be abusive, use bad language towards children, coaches or others within the club.
  • Always collect their child on time after the session. Inform a member of staff if there is a possibility they will be late.
  • Have responsibility for their child outside of class times eg until their class starts, and when they exit the hall after their class has finished.
  • Their child is not allowed to wait in the hall whilst waiting for their class to start. They must remain outside the hall in their care until they are called in.
  • Congratulate their child on a good performance.
  • Help their child enjoy their sport and never force their child to take part.
  • If their child has had sickness and/or diarrhoea in the past 48 hours they should not attend AGTC, to help prevent spreading infection. Keep the club informed if their child is ill or unable to attend for more than 1 session.



Departure of children

All available staff are around for the change over of classes. Gymnastics will be the busy change over with 16 children leaving and another 16 arriving. The changing room is organised so that there are 2 separate areas. Children must leave with an adult and they must not leave the building while they are waiting for an adult to arrive. Children over 8 can wait in the changing room unaccompanied. If any child under 8 has not been picked up and there is no-one available to be with them in reception then they can sit in the hall and wait. If children over 8 are allowed to walk home then a note from the parent must be put on file, and the children must sign out.





AGTC - General Safety Guidelines and Child Safety

 ‘All coaches and helpers are DBS checked and have undertaken Safeguarding and Protecting Children Training’

  • Parents are responsible for children outside the hall.

  • No running in hall EXCEPT when part of an activity

  • No jewellery

  • No mobile phones within the hall

  • No eating/drinking in the hall

  • No cameras/videos in the hall or from the viewing windows

  • No parents in the hall unless they need to see a member of staff, pay fees, or if you are new (first 2 weeks). No parent should interrupt a coach to speak while they are coaching a class.

  • Please ensure children can enter/ exit the sports hall freely- DO NOT BLOCK THE FIRE EXITS AND ENTRANCE

  • Children should not be allowed to leave the hall without notifying a member of staff.

  • Follow all A.G.T.C rules

  • Do not leave litter in the hall

  • Only use equipment when supervised by a coach


  • Any parent wanting to take photos at events MUST have a photo permit supplied by British Gymnastics unless it is their own child only. Please see a member of A.G.T.C staff for information and show the photos to them

  • If a child needs to leave the class early the parent must inform a coach.

  • Ideally parents/carers of children under 8 must remain within the locality of the club. If a parent needs to leave the area for any reason they need to leave us a mobile number.

  • It is the responsibility of all children and parents to observe the centres safety regulations and in addition A.G.T.C regulations and comply with them.



 Trampoline Safety Code

  • Please respect everyone and the time they have on the trampoline.

  • Only practice skills you have been taught by your coach/teacher

  • Be sensible and do not dare others to try new skills the teacher has not taught

  • Never go underneath a trampoline or end decks

  • Wear appropriate sports clothing; keep nails short, hair tied back; remove all jewellery, wear non slip socks or trampoline shoes.

  • Pay attention when around the trampoline including spotting

  • Inform coach/teacher of any pre-existing injury or medical condition (including recent head injuries)

  • Only use the trampoline when your coach/teacher is present

  • Avoid stepping on the bed when someone else is bouncing.

  • Jumping down from the trampoline to the floor is dangerous and not allowed.


Behaviour Policy

In some cases all the rules and expectations are difficult for children to adhere to. All staff will be as patient and tolerant with children who find it difficult to keep themselves safe. In the event that a child is not following instructions they will warned that their behaviour cannot continue. If the child continues to be unsafe or is spoiling the class for the other students then they will be asked to stop and sit out until such time as they are ready to continue and follow all the instructions given.

If a child continues to misbehave after returning to the class they will be removed from the class by the manager/head coach. They will receive a final warning and returned to the class if it is safe to do so. A child will remain out of class until such time that it is deemed safe enough for them to return.

If a child has to be suspended from the class for the rest of the time, parents will be phoned to come and collect them early. Parents will be informed of the situation and the concerns around safety. The child will then go down on report. If a child is on report they must behave for 4 sessions without any safety concerns being raised before being taken off report. If after 4 sessions there have been no incidents or concerns then they will come off report and continue to behave. If during this time the behaviour remains a cause for concern then the child will be asked to leave and the membership will end. Ainsty GTC has a no refund policy after a child has been at the club for more than 2 weeks.

AinstyGTC reserves the right not to enroll any child on the next term who has been deemed to be be disruptive, dangerous, aggressive or disrespectful.


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