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New children - Settling in

For all children, it can be daunting starting a new club. We would recommend that all parents familiarise themselves with all the club information, and in addition, read the information on the Codes of Conduct page.

For any child under 8, we ask that parents/carers stay in or near the building. If you need to leave the immediate area, for any reason, please inform us. Parents must not watch classes from inside the hall, as this could affect the club insurance if there was an accident.  Once your child is settled, parents may leave them in the care of the staff until the end of your child’s session.

Watch Week, which occurs at the end of each half term, will give parents opportunities to view the class from within the hall.

All classes are organised relative to school year, not age. Whatever year group your child is in, this would be the class you would choose. A child in year 1 would go into a Year R/1/2 class. The ages on the class bookings relate to the age of the child on the 1st September.


Our Classes

We run our classes every evening and weekend (except during York school holidays.) However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to: severe weather conditions, flooding, problems with the building), we may have to cancel a session, and we regret we will not be able to refund that lesson. If a lesson is to be cancelled, AGTC will notify parents by email using the membership database. For this reason, it is essential that the club is told if email addresses change.

Gymnastics classes have 24 children with 1 Senior Coach, 3 Club/Junior Coaches and additional Sports Helpers as required. Each session starts with 10 minutes of warm up, followed by 10 minutes of stretching. There is then apparatus work for 30 minutes and, to finish, 10 minutes of line / conditioning work. The children are put into groups with their coaches, where they will aim to use 2 or 3 pieces of equipment each session. This changes weekly according to the Term Plan. Where possible, children will be grouped according to their gymnastics abilities.

Trampoline classes will have 8-10 children working on 2 trampolines, with 1 Senior or Club Coach and 1 Junior Coach or Sports Helper. Each session starts with 10 minutes of warm up. Then the children will take turns on the trampolines in 2 minute intervals.  All children will then be encouraged to be involved with conditioning, listening, spotting and time keeping, while waiting for their next turn.

During these sessions the children will be working towards a level badge and certificate . If you have any queries about your child's progress please come in and see a member of staff. Please visit the Awards and Resources page which will outline assessment.

Parkour classes have upto 20 children with 1 Senior Coach, 1 Club/Junior Coach and additional Sports Helpers as required. Each session starts with 10 minutes of warm up. The children then begin their Parkour training.

GymPacT classes have 24 children with 3 coaches from the 3 disciplines; Gymnastics, Trampoline and Parkour. Children will be given the opportunity to develop skills in all 3 areas using the facilities at Energi Trampoline Park. During the GymPacT sessions, children will be working towrds a level badge by learning, developing and mastering skills from the GymPacT Skills List.This can be found on the GymPacT Page


Dress code

Children can wear; leotards, t-shirts, shorts, leggings or tracksuit bottoms (not covering feet). T-shirts should not be too baggy or too revealing and the children cannot wear belts or dangling decorations. Although we prefer bare feet, protective, non-slip socks may be worn. On a wooden floor, however, socks can become slippy during warm up, so need to be removed for this activity.

Long hair should be tied up at all times.

NO JEWELLERY OR WATCHES. Earrings must be removed, but if not, they can be taped up.

Socks MUST be worn on the trampolines. Bouncing activities will be restricted within the sessions if socks are not worn. We do have spares at the club, so please ask if you forget.


Food and Drinks

We do not allow chewing gum or food in the hall. Drinks bottles, with water, are allowed in the hall, but must be kept at the side and can be drunk with the permission of the coaches.


Personal Property

We cannot take responsibility for any personal property brought into the lesson. Please ensure that all items are named and please ensure you do not leave any belongings behind when you finish. Any loss should be reported to Ainsty staff.


Toilet Procedure

Please take your child to the toilet before their lesson starts. In the event that your child does need the toilet during the lesson, a member of staff will take them. If the child requires a parent to take them, the coach will wait at the door until the child is handed back to them.

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We offer Gymnastics, Trampoline, Parkour, GymPacT and, for the younger gymnasts, PlayGym. If you have a child who is interested in any of these recreational activities and want to learn new skills, why not join us today?


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