Gymnastics Badge Scheme

We have designed our badge level scheme for recreational gymnastics using apparatus in the halls of most schools.

There are 8 levels rising from Level 1 up to Level 8. Then there are Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Once children have achieved 90% of any badge level on all four pieces of apparatus Floor, Bars, Beam and Vault, they will then be able to do the skills on the next badge level.

Individual Badges and certificates can be purchased for £2.50.

Please note that for all skills on bars there will be assistance allowed due to the nature of the bars not being the correct diameter and being metal.

Beam skills can be performed on benches and box tops to support with skill development.


Gymnastics Assessment

When children first start they will be continually assessed to see what level they are working at. Once it is clear what badge level they should be trying to achieve then they will work towards that badge. Broadly badges equate to the year group a child is in so a year 5 would be expected to work towards a badge 5. We would only expect a child to do one badge a year.

PLEASE NOTE: Children develop their skills at different speeds therefore we use continuous assessment and when a child gets a badge they will then be given a slip which informs the parents.The slip should be returned with payment if children wish to purchase a badge and certificate.

Please also remember children perform better on certain pieces of equipment than others and maybe working towards higher level skills on floor than bars for example. The badge level is achieved when the child can complete at least 90% of the skills for that badge. We like to give badges when they have done 100% of the skills but occassionally certain skills may just be beyond the abiiity of the child and therefore we can move on. Any skill not satisfactorily performed must be acheved before the next badge is given.

Often when badges are given out to certain children, the ones that havent got a badge are fine until they go out of the hall and the parent says "Why havent you got a badge?" then they get upset, as they feel they are letting the parents down. If you have any questions with regards your childs progress please discuss with the coaches that teach them rather than questioning the child. They all work hard and try their best and sometimes just struggle with certain things. Coaches are keen to award the badges but only when the child is ready, and the coaches are accutely aware when a child has not managed a skill how upset they can be. Please support your child with positive praise and a "practice a bit more and I am sure you will get it" approach, rather than challenging them or challenging the coaches.

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